Meet the Techies

Like a well-oiled machine, we get the job done without
any squeaks or breakdowns

Baila has over eight years of experience in the graphic design field. She worked for large corporations in web layout and content marketing fields. Her skills involve taking complex concepts and simplifying them down to an easy to use interface. For Baila, Minimalism is a mindset; not just a style.

Mark is a Multimedia and web design graduate student. He has over two years work experience in graphic design working on projects, creating print and web marketing materials for jewelry and marketing companies. At Sassoon Media, Mark develops websites and manages the content marketing strategies.

Elisheva is our Social media guru. She specializes in developing instagram calendars and corresponding copy. Her eye for perfection allows her to maintain a high standard of imagery and language for all our clients. Elisheva is a student at Kingsborough pursuing a degree in graphic design.

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